– Quotes – (By: L. Smith)

I have the honor of introducing L. Smith and his great quotes, poetry, short stories and novels.  We connected on Allpoetry.com,
(MY LINK) – (HIS LINK) and I find the simplicity in his wisdom to be wonderfully inspiring and grounding.  His life experiences and authenticity come through in the words of his poetry.

…And as you all know when I find someone that I can admire.  I do like to share them with you all.  And so i present to you L. Smith.  As he ads to and develops his website, I will share his words of wisdom with you all…
-a u g u s t w i l l d e c a y –

“Friendship requires friendliness
Manners requires social awareness
Respect requires reciprocation
Trust requires honesty
Love requires all of the above.”

-L. Smith

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