– HISTORY – By: Shawn D. Petrie (7-22-2000)

By: Shawn D. Petrie (7-22-2000)
Way back when, a long time ago
This is my story, how I think it should go
There was a mass of land, air, and sea
But there was no life, no humanity

There was a change that
Brought life to the sea
It was a miracle
At least that’s what they tell me

This life grew into something
That was bigger and stronger
A million years go by
Maybe a little longer

These new creatures
Roamed the sea air and land
But exactly where they came from
No one will ever fully understand

They fed off the earth
A sound system of chores
These animals walked and ruled the world
Known today as the dinosaurs

But shortly after there reign
Something happened one day
A carnival of chaos
A volcano, so they say

In the mist of the eruption
Everything was destroyed
Maybe god got bored
And wanted some new toys

Black smoke filled the air
Lava killed all the life
The planet was dying
Brutal cold every night

For the sun was hidden
Behind a thick black haze
Everything was gone
Thanks to this blaze

A million more years
And it seems it was so
Just a stitch in lives time line
I think that’s how it goes

But the planet wouldn’t die
And when the smoke finally lifted
There were parasites and bugs
Natures balance had shifted

Where these things came from
I really don’t care
But they were evolving into something different
Running rampant every where

One way to explain it
Is that this all came from god
But that story is full of holes
The explanation too broad

But as I was saying
These things grew in size
And were becoming prehistoric monkeys
Right before each others eyes

These monkeys were smarter
Than the dinosaurs had been
And could kind of understand
The world they were living in

A lot more time passed
How much I can’t say
But I know things were happening
Changing every day

I guess some of these beasts
Grew taller and stronger
There heads a little rounder
There legs a little longer

They learned of the ways
To survive off the land
And this is the first prime example
Of today’s’ modern man

Walking around and building there homes
Striving for so much more
Longing to become more intelligent
Not knowing what the future had in store

These prehistoric men
Made houses of stone
The strongest and meanest
Were the ones to catch throne

And so it would seem
That this system would fail
The rampant ones murdered
The criminals jailed

More time had passed
Cause time always passes
These men grew and evolved
In uncontrollable masses

The loss of there hair
But in just a few places
Mostly under there arms,
and beards on there faces

Technology evolved
There shelters grew in size
In competition with each other
Beginning to accessorize

A system was built
Civilization had begun
More and more work
Less and less fun

The stress was upon us
And the system was built
And the driving force within man
Began to fade and wilt

Who was Bigger and better
Became the drive in there hearts
And more often than not
This would tear good relations apart

A couple hundred of years passed
As they grew smarter and smarter
And there once soft hearts
Grew harder and harder

Sky scrapers were built
Evolved from grass huts
And medicine got rid of sickness
And helped heal all cuts

Man began to pollute his land
His earth and the skies up above
And it was once thought that soon one day
Mothers revenge would fit like a glove

Religion taught the blind
That god created all
And evil was created in the hearts of men
When from heaven the devil did fall

Abuse and distrust towards your fellow man
Became as common as the sun
And acts of violence and torture
Were enjoyed by some just for fun

As man would become more and more
Dependent on the machines he would employ
He also became less and less aware
Of the things he would destroy

Children left starving
Women left crying
People hurting each other
Animals start dying

Seldom is compassion and love
People who care are hard to find
Its hard to communicate with some
Impossible to penetrate there minds

Where can you look to find
The intentions of this new found life
A society that can’t always tell
What is wrong and what is right

Many years have passed
Since this has all come to pass
But here were are still on this world
Proving that we will last

Looking back through
The pages of history
You can see we have done more damage
Than anyone else involved in the story

Slavery and distinction
Between who is rich and who’s poor
Has caused a reverse in the intention
To keep the wolves from our doors

Bitterness still stirs in the hearts
Of men who have suffered so long
And the will for many of us to continue living
Has become a lot less than strong

Where can you find answers
Towards a god who has confused
And when you asked the questions before
The answers were refused

Way back when
Not long ago
It seems the planet has endured
More that we will ever know

As we explore a new millennium
Who will cause the next war
Who will try to recreate
What we once had to bury before

Storms raging out of control
Like no fury then displayed in the past
The planet is tired of all of this constant abuse
And wants to take its control back

It may only be a matter of time
How long now one will ever know
When god decides that like the dinosaurs
It is time for us to go

That is a pretty scary thought
But who really has the time
With all of the bullshit going on nowadays
To keep that sort of thing on your mind

Looking back on what I have been taught
About what has been here and then gone
So much has happened to this planet
And it hasn’t even been very long

Imagine what lies ahead
What we could only guess if it will be good or bad
People becoming happier and stronger
Or degrading to colder and sad

One day I too will fade into the past
And be forgotten as I have forgotten so much
And I may never even begin to understand
What I could barely reach, let alone touch

What is intended in this little story
Is the distinction between love and misery
But with only a new tomorrow to look forward to
We can dismiss all of this into history


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