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“BinaryGod is the brainchild of artist Steve Rampton. He’s been a professional graphic designer/illustrator for fifteen years. He loves drawing cartoons and caricatures and has caricatured many of your favorite movies. Check out his artwork at www.binarygod.com to buy some of his high quality designs or to hire him to draw a caricature of you, a loved one, your pet, or your favorite celebrity.” -Steve Rampton

I recently connected with creative master Steve Rampton, his artwork is spectacular, and right up my alley.  HE DRAWS HORROR CHARACTERS!!!  He also does many other types of artwork, and specialty products what I will talk about in this article.

Steve Rampton has a really exceptional blog which draws you in with amazing artwork and keeps you there with interesting articles.  His blog perfectly tagged “Audio ∙ Art ∙ Anarchy: The Blog of BinaryGod” can be FOUND HERE.

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ART: I post my latest artwork and sales promotions here. I also do movie reviews. You can find celebrity caricatures at www.binarygod.com and pet caricatures at www.doodlemydog.com

AUDIO: I blog about bands I like, usually on Tuesdays. I also have a few concert reviews posted on this site.

ANARCHY: I have some thoughts about the direction the USA is going. Spoiler: I don’t like it.

“I started my weblog as a way to exorcise my demons, sort of. I write about whatever is interesting to me, mainly music, art, and history/politics. (I love history but I hate politics; unfortunately, they are a package deal.) Full disclosure: I have monetized my website using Amazon.com’s affiliate program, so if you like what you see and read, please support this website by clicking the links in the blog. If you want to purchase something, that’s even better. I’ll only link to things that interest me and have some kind of social or personal value.” -Steve Rampton

“I’m thinking about opening up the blog for guest writers. Let me know if you’re interested by contacting me. (The link will take you to my Facebook page.)” -Steve Rampton

steves bio

 What can you expect from Steve Rampton?  A visual feast of interesting and beautiful imagery, A wealth of engaging content on his personal blog, a vast variety of products for sale from artwork, to cell phone cases with his custom art, to custom work done for you!

cell phone cases

The man does it all. For example:

doodlemydog graphic

“Doodle My Dog is a great way to get a unique, custom digital portrait of your pet. Each piece is an original work of art! Check out my previous clients by clicking Portraits. Follow the steps outlined here to get started. (Please contact me if you have any questions not answered here or if anything is unclear.)” -Steve Rampton

Get a Black & White Illustration for $5!

“All you need to get started is a photo of your pet. (The better the photo, the better the final piece will be.) Head over to my Fiverr account and get the outline drawn for only $5. A color illustration is more: details are in the description. You can update to the color version at a later time, if you wish. I’m a Level Two Seller on Fiverr, which means I have excellent reviews, a high rating, and high volume of sales. Help me get to the highest level: Fiverr Rockstar!” -Steve Rampton

Click here for information and pricing on getting yourself or your loved one’s caricature drawn.Click here for celebrities.


You can support Steve on his PATREON page.

Steve’s Storefronts:

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