– A shade of hope – By: Shawn D. Petrie (6-19-2004)

A shade of hope
By: Shawn D. Petrie (6-19-2004)

I rub my eyes, I need sleep
A dive into a peaceful dream
Without rejection, tears and pain
A perfect place in my brain
A world where people, truly care
And you can count on them to keep you near
Common is security, a safe tomorrow
No debt to pay, for the smiles I’ve borrowed

A shade of hope, I can see
It helps me cope, it helps me breath
It pulls me closer, to my dream
Pushes me when, I forget to believe
We all must want to make this real
Take actions on the things we feel
Rise above pain and hate
Never believe that it’s too late

But I’m still alone, who else cares
Who else dreams of that place out there
Who else wants this world of new
Who else wants to make it true
Light through my window is shining on me
Through my front door I awake to see
We have been given, one more chance
To create true harmony, the perfect dance

To make a change, to make it last
Move away from our painful past
Pull ourselves closer to a better day
Learn from what history has to say
I step into, this new day
I try to put those dreams away
And focus on what can be done
To create a life where we all have won

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