– A taste of life – By: Shawn D. Petrie (10-31-2006)

A taste of life
By: Shawn Petrie (10-31-2006)

As I sit here alone
Remembering what we had
That pain that wells inside of me
Is almost too much to bear

But i must sit with it
I must live with it
What else can i do
Suicide was not for me

The hardest part has passed
So i know that i am strong
Even though i do not want to be
And wish that i had terminated my self

There’s a bitter taste
Of what i used to have
What i thought i would never loose
What i trusted and depended on

The taste is making me sick
As i try to wash it out
It will never go away
And it gets more rancid every day

Of course it wasn’t perfect
But it was what we had
And it was always you and me
Then one day it was not

And ill never know what happened
What turned you once and for all
What thought you got in your head
Or who look at you with lust

Who looks better than me
Or you think can offer more
They will never love you like i do
And they will never take care of you like i did

I lost what i had
Or maybe it was taken
Or maybe it was never really there
But it was for sure a taste of life

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