Torture By: Shawn D. Petrie (11-15-1999)

By: Shawn D. Petrie (11-15-1999)

Shock him again
This is a test to see how much
Pain this boy can take

Cover his mouth with your hand
Make sure no cries spill out
Strap him to the table

Pull the curtains down
Only a select few bear witness
Please remain silent while you stare

Twist his finger back
To expose the bone
And throw salt on the wound

Push needles under his finger nails
Ice picks in his side
He is still alive so we must continue

Slice off each eyelid
So he cannot close his eyes
And miss out on any of this show

A muscle twitches
Pinch the nerve
Lock it off so the movement stops

No one wants to see him cry
Throw saw dust in his eyes
To absorb the tears

Hand me those pliers
Here comes the finale
All of his teeth twisted out of his head

That god awful moan
Causing moral questions to arise
Cut out his tongue, problem solved

Don’t beat him to hard with that stick
Don’t hit him too hard with that brick
Now you have gone too far he is dead

The show is over everyone go home

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