– The Enormous Fee – By: Shawn D. Petrie (5-25-2000)

The Enormous Fee
By: Shawn D. Petrie (5-25-2000)

Once upon a time
I knew this pretty girl
Who became my distinction
Between day and night
Reworked and formed my world

I fully believed
That she was the one
The perfect solution to a broken heart
A new source of distraction and fun

I put my trust
Into her open arms
But at the same time she pushed me away
Rejection melded with charm

It was so hard to let her go
It was so painful to leave
It took a lot of failed attempts to finally realize
She would never do anything but deceive

I was convinced
After all she put me through
That I would never meet anyone worth my time
No matter what I would do

Sometimes it isn’t so easy
To go towards the light
The dark side holds so much temptation
And sometimes you hold on too tight

A few short months later
I met this new girl
A new interest was invented
Something new in a otherwise old broken world

It is now so hard for me
To trust another soul
And I’m scared to feel myself grow attached
To who could turn out to be just as cold

But the weeks have gone by
And the time that we spend
Has made me care for her so much
It has helped my heart to mend

She seems so different
Apart from them all
She has been there for me so far
I never thought that in love she would fall

I touch her soft skin
And I remember how it feels
To care for another and give a new chance
And start to grease the wheels

Though I do have some worry
That she will disappear
That she may not feel the way she says
And that she may only pretend to care

Time will tell
And it does feel strong
And I hope, hope, hope
That this will last real long

For I feel myself loving her
I want to tell her all the time
I’m only scared I will scare her away
This is the battle in my mind

Every time she pulls me close
And I feel our hearts beat together
I forget about my past of painful endings
And I start to feel much better

Right now I miss you
I hope you are thinking of me
And I hope this time I can grasp this love
Without the enormous fee

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