– The Darkest Winter DEMO – (With Reviews)10-24-2015

The Darkest Winter DEMO from my upcoming album
Hypnotized By Disguise

the darkest winter single graphic (jpeg) 10-24-2015

I have begun working on my new album.  Here is a preview of the first song from that album.  (It’s not done yet, it still needs a few final touches but I wanted to share what I have so far.)

The new album is a concept album based on the stages of grief.  This album will be my greatest effort to date.  I am putting the most effort into every aspect of every song than I ever have before.  It is a very meaningful project to me.  The reviews that I am getting so far is that this is my best song to date.  I will be working on the album over the winter and I hope to have it completed by the spring / summer of 2016.  With lots of inspiration to draw from that should not be too difficult.  Thank you for listening and please like, comment, and share.


Denial: The Darkest Winter ****** (SIX STARS)
“As usual you have made a really great sounding song production vocal guitar drums bass all spot on and great moving lyrics and great story line. You get 6 stars from me all the way look forward to more”
Comment Written 27-Oct-2015 by 60sguru

Denial: The Darkest Winter ***** (FIVE STARS)
“Interesting song concept. I am curious to see where you go with it. I like the intro with guitars and voice. The chord progression sounds good and the music seems well recorded.”
Comment Written 27-Oct-2015 by Noah_Ohne

Written, recorded, and performed by August Will Decay
(Shawn D. Petrie) Loaded Knife Records (2015 – 2016)

Published by
Shawn D. Petrie
August Will Decay
Loaded Knife Records


Purchase A U G U S T W I L L D E C A Y CD’S At:


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