– Absent – By: Shawn D. Petrie (5-29-2003)

By: Shawn D. Petrie (5-29-2003)

What about the times that I never let you down
Do they mean anything to you at all
And here I am still thinking of you
Wishing you would call

And how about the way I looked at you
And told you how I felt
I still care after all of this time
After all the lies you dealt

I ask myself in the dead of the silence
Why can’t I let go
Love cannot explain it all
So I honestly do not know

Close the door as you leave me again
Don’t you feel, do you care
I need you now but it seems as how
When I needed you, you weren’t there

Safe in another’s arms tonight
Is this your simple plan
To never realize or get it together
And jump from man to man to man

I guess what it comes down to as sad as it may be
Is that I would give up all I own
To have you, to hold on tight through the night
And for once make your true feeling known

Another day approaches your memory will ease
Not fade just get put away
And the more time that passes I’ll start to believe
That I shouldn’t trust in a word that you say

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