– A Light Shines Through The Door – By: Shawn D. Petrie (5-29-2003)

A Light Shines Through The Door
By: Shawn D. Petrie (5-29-2003)

Once alone I called out to you
Or anyone for that matter, that I thought could be true
And when the truth finally shined, it dawned onto me
That certain things just aren’t meant to be

I pulled you close, but you pulled away
And it didn’t really matter how I felt or what I had to say
It seemed you were lost and I just could not find
The keys to get into your boarded up mind

Now you are gone and I’ve had time to move on
I’ve started to heal and now I am strong
Though your memories faded I sometimes feel blue
Because once in a while I find myself missing you

So I close off my heart, as the old story goes
I wait for a new love, but nobody shows
And just when I decide there just aren’t anymore
A new love comes smiling and shining through my door

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