– Come Home – By: Shawn D. Petrie (12-2-2006)

Come Home
By: Shawn D. Petrie (12-2-2006)
Every day that I spend without you
I tell myself that your just at work
And you’ll be home any time
So i leave the door unlocked, for you

When 5 o’clock rolls around and your not home
I start to panic and reach for the phone
I wonder where you could be, then i remember
That your not coming home

I left the empty spaces the way that they were
Where you had your things, before you left
Come home and fill those spaces with your love
With your heart

I never sleep on your side of the bed
Holding my pillow, crying for you
In the darkest places i look for you,
But your never there

All the things that we used to do, i can never do
you’ve changed the way i look at things
And i don’t want this anymore
If it isn’t with you

Who ever thought that i could feel such pain
It keeps on coming and multiplying
Every day that your away
I grow colder inside

The silence that you left behind
Is agonizing and so unreal
I just cant believe that you are gone
And I’m here alone

I love you more than anything or anyone
That ill ever meet or ever know
But the love i have is not returned
At least not anymore

I’m holding on but I’m losing hope
That you will call and change your mind
And keep the promise that we made that day
To stay together and love forever

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