– Cold – By: Shawn D. Petrie (11-12-2006)

By: Shawn D. Petrie (11-12-2006)
Things in motion
To fast to catch
To slow to notice
The mind is so full

A discomfort in sitting
Unable to stand, rearrange
The mind believes what it sees
The illusion of rest becomes habitual

A reach out with an ember
It burns bright but quickly fades
Up into the air
Were we stay and try to breathe

Two separate time zones
Two separate hearts together
Jagged pieces break off
And they are forced to fit back together

But still it sticks
With an imperceptible glue
But all the spaces aren’t filled
And some pain is leaking through

Cracks form like the mantle
Of a volcano ready to explode
But the mountain still so high
And the village unaware below

A proud representation of collected gains
On display perfectly placed
Rock solid in their minds
That this is the finest presentation

Ignorance preoccupied their eyes
They need only to look up
The looming fire above there heads
Begins to make its move

Still they do not see
Until it is too late
And all at once and without knowing
The world opens up before them

The collection of memories and possessions
Swept away by the fire
It is all-consuming
And fully unforgiving

Effortlessly the structure is dissected
The strongest beams are broken
The warmest homes on fire
Then quickly become cold


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