– Black Days Set Ways – By: Shawn D. Petrie (2-21-1993)

Black Days Set Ways
By: Shawn Petrie (2-21-1993)

Two minutes to destruction
The end of all you see and feel
The end of life itself
So enjoy your final meal

The problem here is the way of the world
Always pushing us towards certain death
The payback has arrived for all lonely sinners
The pure will be spared and to hell with the rest

The true nature of hell will be shown to all
The cold winds blow but there is a fire to come
Young children ruined by your wicked ways
And to this the gods will go numb

The spoiled meat of your loved ones
Will burn in the streets filled of fire
The innocent flee and are wondering why
Best friends had turned out to be liars

Black days are coming, no sun only fire
Set ways since the dawn of destruction
Black days set ways in a frantic, panicked state
Payback for hypocrisy and corruption

Now the gods will pack up and the blazing will stop
The pain and destruction will end
Only the innocent are left to start over
But what will come of this new found life once the blistered earth mends


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