– Black Highway – By: Shawn D. Petrie (11-14-1994)

Black Highway
By: Shawn Petrie (11-14-1994)


Walking on a black highway
In the middle of the night
Each flash of blinding light
Reminds me of my past life

A memory with no pain
But hate all the same
Because numbness and forgiveness
Is the name of the game

Walking on a black highway
And cannot see my future
And everything I have been through
All is just now a blur

But as I try to remember
There has been trouble and hate
And all I can do is hope, that my
Future doesn’t hold the same fate

It comes to me in a dream
A dark rundown building
God on my side, evil fighting both
A cold place with a silver lining

Crying, laughing, hurting, start over

Walking down a dark path
One small source of light
All of it’s surroundings are cold and dark
But this is shining bright

Listening to the silence
Remembering what I want
And surly what I leave behind now
Will come back around to haunt

Walking on a black highway
This is my only path
Trying but failing and falling into
This worlds unattractive trap

One with lots of hate
And pain that’s one in the same
And winning and survival
Is the name of the game

Walking on a black highway
Trouble sneaks upon me
My hearts been cut open
Leaving my feelings to bleed

I am scared around here, please shelter me
This is the only place I can’t stand


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