– Better Days – By: Shawn D. Petrie (8-15-1999)

Better Days
By: Shawn Petrie (8-15-1999)

aug red barb photoshop file 2 wide copy

Here in the present I reflect on my past
Just a few months ago, then further back
Recently heart-broken, but was it really a game?
I still refuse to believe every one is the same

Thinking about how I acted
Playing the part of the fool
Realizing with how I acted,
I need to go back to school

Learning slowly what I missed
When I slipped through the cracks
A part of me still wishes though
That I could go back

Remembering what she did
Realizing she did nothing at all
I was too childish and needy and was
The reason for my rise and my fall

Feeling so much better lately
The pain is all slipping away
I find it harder to remember her face
And it gets a little harder every day

I used to avoid the things that I loved
Because they would remind me of her
And just like the path to her memory
The way to her house is a blur

I ask myself if I still care
Honestly I don’t think that I do
An infatuation that burned and died in the fire
Realizing just how thorough we are through

It sure feels good
To be sure I know
That I won’t be thinking of her
Where ever she goes

Now is the time
To go on with my life
Put those childish things aside
Refuse relief in the knife

For my mind was too clouded
To learn the lesson I now see
But the pain she gave to me has reawakened
The knowledge that’s now burned into me


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