– After My Innocence – By: Shawn D. Petrie (10-12-2000)

After My Innocence By: Shawn Petrie (10-12-2000)

Thoughts blow up
Like gunshots at night
I feel so alone
But put up no fight

Social life flushed
Because I can’t stand to go
And talk to new people
That I don’t even know

You can’t understand
You’re less than a man
Open up your heart
Care for once if you can

My friends have all fled
Because I’m always too sad
Like a plaster mold of a crying clown
I always feel bad

Frowning for a reason
I cannot let you know
But if you promise not to tell anyone
I’ll try to let it show

I am longing for you and I’m dying inside
You left me alone, left me to cry
I’ll never know how you really felt about me
I just wish I had the courage to give it one more try



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