– Beautiful Loser – By: Shawn D. Petrie (10-22-2000)

Beautiful Loser
By: Shawn Petrie (10-22-2000)

Hold me back I’m running too fast
Towards a light which burns too bright
Towards an illusion I created myself
Within my mind, artificial perfection

Close the door the sight is too strong
The stare too long my approach all wrong
Conversation splinters the silence
Eye contact is stronger than we can admit

Advice ignored, share this warmth with me
Show me signs that I can read, recognize this need
Show me the proper path so I wont get lost
Realize and except that I know what I want

Held over my head, this strange power
Engraved in us all especially the small
And some go too far, I have been an example
I have proven the fear, I have done that before

Left alone in the crowded room
Im lonely tonight, elevated to a new height
Pick up an old wooden box, I try to compensate
Lye my head down and wait for a new day

Broken glass and shattered dreams
Not the first time, imperfect mind
Things just aren’t the same
There never was a path to follow

Showcase my emotions, cannot hide
I try to disguise, I try to lie
Nature holds the keys to who I am
With an enemy like that I can never get ahead

Wait a little longer, anticipate a time
Opportunity will come but nothing will be done
Look through me into another,
Have you found what you want?
Don’t worry about me ill be fine

Keep my eyes open, someone like me
Not someone perfect
But someone impure and also unsure
Of who they could be, just what they need
Personality flawed, socially subdued
2 beautiful losers find each other and conform


Published by:
Shawn D. Petrie
August Will Decay
Loaded Knife Records (2015 – 2016)

https://soundcloud.com/august-will-decay (SoundCloud)
https://instagram.com/augustwilldecay/ (Instagram)
https://twitter.com/crashandarcburn (Shawn D. Petrie)
https://twitter.com/augustwilldecay (August Will Decay)
https://twitter.com/LoadedKnife (Loaded Knife Records)
https://twitter.com/disophoto (Disobedient Photography)

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