– The Reasons – (3min11)

the reasons

The Reasons (3min11)
By: Shawn Petrie (5-11-2000) – (7-4-2004) – (9-21-2015)

Performed by: August Will Decay
Loaded Knife Records (2-15)

I feel that time is running down
Until I must face
That there is no room for me here
And leave this painful place
My hearts broke beyond repair
And it’s been long enough
My pain should have long since slipped away
But I never do get tough

My body is dead weight on my feet
I am a walking bomb biding time
I try to reach for my slice of the pie
But I never can get a hold mine
I feel like no matter what I do
I will never be as good as you
I need one more cruel display
To finally put me in my place

I wish I could stop the pain in my heart
It’s a constant struggle tearing me apart
I’m finding out that love is a lie
There are no answers when I wonder why

I wish I could stop the tears in my eyes
I wish I could kill the pain inside
I’m beaten down, too weak to last
I’m tired of living my life in the past

I’m holding on but not for long
Pretty soon I’ll be gone
It’s so uncommon for a man to cry
These are the reasons I’m dying inside

Written, recorded, and performed by August Will Decay

(Shawn D. Petrie) Loaded Knife Records (10-6-2015)



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