– Break Me – (3min20)

break me

Break Me (3min20)
By: Shawn Petrie (1993) – (9-19-2004) – (9-21-2015)
Performed by: August Will Decay
Loaded Knife Records (2015)

An outspoken reason to leave, disobey
(I saw this coming)
The law of the land, forever to stay
(From a mile away)
Here for a second, gone for a lifetime
(nothing good ever lasts)
A spiral to my downfall, I am broken
(I am broken)

I can’t dwell in the past, I won’t be broken
I must be moving on, as I have spoken
I need someone new, although I’ve forgotten
I need someone new to replace what’s rotten

It will never be the same, the life I once had
(Why would I want it to be?)
How can I forget, the way we both bled
(And how I’m left for dead)

I care for you not, the fires are cold
My soul won’t remember, the memory’s dead
It is time for new love, to open the door
A girl with everything I have been waiting for
In need of a kind heart, and understanding
Someone who’ll love me when the sky has darkened
Someone who’ll smile at me with pure intentions
Someone who will not try to devastate me


I need someone to heal, to love and to hold
I need someone real, come in from the cold
I say this to you on my words I am choking
I need someone new to heal all the broken

Written, recorded, and performed by August Will Decay

(Shawn D. Petrie) Loaded Knife Records (10-6-2015)



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