– August Will Decay EAT – SLEEP – DECAY CD OUT NOW –

August Will Decay    EAT  –  SLEEP  –  DECAY CD OUT NOW

Available at my storefront at Kunaki.com CLICK HERE

EAT SLEEP DECAY RED copyeat sleep decay cd image eat sleep decay INSIDE COVER JPEGeat sleep decay tray insert back BIGGER CONTACT INFO

This album marks the completion of a body of work spanning over 20 years.  I am finally ready to start recording the new album.  Hypnotized By Disguise which should be out by the end of next year.  In the meantime I have a few more songs that aren’t going to be on the new album that I will release through my blog.  If you have not done so yet please sign up for the blog so you can be the first to hear new songs and the status of the new album.

Thank you to all my friends and fans that I have acquired up to this point,  your support and encouragement mean a lot.

I have some ideas brewing for some tshirts, hoodies, beanies etc.  I will post these items on my blog as they become available.

-A U G U S T W I L L D E C A Y (10-6-2015)



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