– My Mirror – (3min36)

my mirror

My Mirror (3min36)
By: Shawn Petrie (6-4-2005)
Performed BY: August Will Decay
Loaded Knife Records (2015)

(Verse 1)
I look into your eyes
And I can see the anger
A combination of the pain
And your willingness to survive
I know the life you live
Gets harder every day
I know how hard you try
Just to watch it cast away

(Verse 2)
I hear the words you say
And pretend to understand
An introduction to the truth
On a trail can’t reach the end

(Verse 3)
From where did you arise?
How did you get so far?
Will I make it out of here?
Are you trying to get in?

(Verse 4)
They call you mister do no right
They say you’re the one to blame
They talk amongst themselves
And come to their conclusions

(Chorus 1)
The light dims down to gray
And so does your existence
I wonder where you’re hiding
Until the next reflection

You, don’t need anyone else but me
I will be the one you can turn to
I’ll become you and you’ll become me
I am the only one who can see you

(Verse 5)
I turn to you and smile
The smile is then returned
And now we are connected
With a synchronistic nod

(Chorus 2)
The light dims down to gray
And so does your existence
Until we meet again
Until the next reflection

(Voice 2)
Hey, walk by again
I’m in need of a friend
And you need one two
No one cares for you the way I do
Come with me to another place inside

(Verse 6)
These things I hear you say
Will turn my heart to stone
We must avoid the truth
Keep there on the other side

(Chorus 3)
All light has gone away
As has my only friend
I’ll see you once again
Inside the next reflection

Written, recorded, and performed by August Will Decay

(Shawn D. Petrie) Loaded Knife Records (10-6-2015)



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