– Unsecured Sacred Shelter – (4min11)

unsecured sacred shelter

Unsecured Sacred Shelter (4min11)
By: Shawn D. Petrie 4-10-2000
Performed by: August Will Decay

Broken bones, busted souls
Crushed beyond repair
Bloody hands, bleeding hearts
Close the coffin lock it off

(Chorus Intro)
Scratch my eyes out, make me blind
I fear all that I see
Without warning, terror strikes
Evil within this lonely night
Fist of rage, releases anger
What was once to be
Forget the future, block it out
You cannot penetrate me

(Verse 1)
Fire burning on the water
Show the willing what is anger
Steel, cold and conformed to his law
Unrealized dreams, a child screams

(Chorus 1)
Unsecured sacred shelter
Rebuild, then smash again
Unsecured sacred shelter
Life in a cold cup of silence
Pray to a page, the book is bread
No one on, the other end
Unsecured Sacred Shelter
Blinking lights, dead on the inside

(Verse 2)
Creatures crawling on my wall
The blankets do not help
Another loan another forced chore
Organized disillusion and agony

(Chorus 2)
Unsecured sacred shelter
Hell at home, driven hard
Unsecured sacred shelter
The missing link returned, unwanted
Abuse and words worked and formed
The belt tears and burns, but leaves no scars
Unsecured Sacred Shelter
Toss the dialogue into the fire

Time passes out the window
Greet another, defeating day
Close my eyes, this has got to be a dream
I’ve got to make it go away


Written, recorded, and performed by August Will Decay
(Shawn D. Petrie) Loaded Knife Records (10-3-2015)



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