– A cage Built For Me – (3min24)


A Cage Built For Me (3min24)
By: Shawn D. Petrie (1-7-02) – (4-10-2004)
Performed by: August Will Decay
Loaded Knife Records (2015)

Silent rage and insecure feelings, associated with pain
I hate what I cannot be and want what I can never have
I hate what is expected of me when I haven’t enough to give
I feel lost when I look into the darkness of this room

A cage built for me
A cage built for me
A cage built for me
A cage built for me

I feel dissatisfaction with myself and the things I have accomplished
I feel disappointment with the person I am and will become
I suffer with constant regret of the mistakes I have made and the ones I am making
I hurt at the sight of all this space inside

(Chorus repeat)

I wish it to be dark when the sun is shining bright
I feel alone and tormented by the light of day
I hear emptiness in the words I hear myself speak
And I can’t imagine why I have a single friend in this fucked up world

(Chorus repeat)

I look around in the first light of day and feel pity
I feel everyone around me has to something wrong with them
I think that I am the only one with any common sense
And the only one not knowing enough to ignore it all

(Chorus repeat)

I feel trapped in a place which holds no future for me
I feel trapped inside of my own heart and mind
I know these feelings are too strong for one person to deal with
I know there is definitely something wrong with me

(Guitar solo through
Chorus and verse)

What is it that I want? I used to know for sure
I used to have the outline, I used to have a plan with goals
Now my goals are beyond reach and I have failed

I feel heartless when I face how I truly feel
I feel scared at what this means for me and my future
I am terrified at the thought of spending eternity inside
Rotting inside this cage built for me

Rotting inside this cage built for me

Written, recorded, and performed by August Will Decay
(Shawn D. Petrie) Loaded Knife Records (10-3-2015)



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