Its time By: Shawn D. Petrie

Its time
By: Shawn D. Petrie (1-3-2006)

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Its time to do
What i know i shouldn’t do
Cause what I’ve learned to do
Is so very wrong

Taught as just a boy
That pain was part of life
Such a big part of life
That nothing else got through

Hit and beat and tossed aside
Laughed at, pointed at, spit at
Made to feel alone
And that’s exactly what i am

But its time to stand
And put away the fist
Its time to close the door
To things that get me pissed
Its time to walk away
And reach into the day
Cause the only life i’ll ever have
Is the one I’m wasting now

It is time to say
For once and this time for all
That i am through with pain
And my past cannot control me

Taught that love should hurt
Im finding thats a lie
I do not know how that seed was planted
But it must not continue to grow

And the tears you cry dont show me
That you will always stay
The tears you cried were just a sign
That you had already walked away

But its time to dry my eyes
And lay down on my bed
And fall asleep and breathe in calm
With nothing in my head
No thoughtts that make the world go black
No thoughts that you will soon come back
Just peace inside my head
Like I’ve never felt before

Will it stick, will it last
Or just another passing phase
Never knowing from then till now
How I will start to feel

Taught through constant teachine
Theres so much left to learn
And i still do not know anything
Not neary enough to loose concearn

That i may start to feel
This wicked way again
At least i know that i am strong
Having learned that in my weakest moments

But its time to learn from you
And what you did to me
And what i did to you
And accept that we are through
And wipe away the past
Like its memories to keep
And i will not forget
The pain, the lies, regret
The heart i hold inside
Is special and is true
And i wont let it turn to shit
By the likes of you
And even though we failed
I know that i did try
The very best that i ever could
And i hold that pride inside

The moment will soon come
The final cut of loss
The most official moment
In this whole goddamn circus
And as we part out ways
And you dissappear into the day
I hope you know that what you lost
Was yours if you had stayed
But you were far too weak
You turned to immature
And you turned into someone i didnt recognise
And you turned on me like a dog
I guess they say thats life
And i guess that im the fool
Not knowing how to keep you
And never paying attention to the rules
For sure i lost the game
I didnt know that we were playing
These feelings will someday fade
And your lying eyes will also
I hate how much i love you

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