If you cared By: Shawn D. Petrie

If you cared
By: Shawn D. Petrie (5-13-2000)

awd storm 3

Lets just pretend that for a second you care
I would turn around and you would be standing right there
With a smile on your face and enough love to share
You would cover me with kisses, more than I could bear

You would sit right down next to me on the bed
We would talk of your day and the thoughts in your head
You would consider a hug but would kiss me instead
And we would map out our plans for the day that we wed

And if I felt pain you would offer a hand
You would be there for me, make it easier to stand
You would love me like no one else, your own special brand
You would be my woman and make me feel like a man

We would walk together hand in hand in the park
Shining in our world too bright to get dark
Listening to our kids laugh and hear our dog bark
In our little own way we would leave our own mark

We would be a family of love and the simpler things
You would tell me you love me and look down at your wring
You lean over to kiss me and the birds start to sing
As you smile at the memory that our wedding day brings

We would all sit together at the dining room table
Just like you read about in those fairy tale fables
We wouldn’t be distracted by the radio or cable
To enjoy a quiet evening we would be able

And while our two children are sleeping at night
We make love and hold each other tight
Everything is perfect and feels so right
I look at you stunning, a beautiful sight

You would give me a smile just before you would sleep
All of our promises you could honor and keep
We would be thankful of love which never comes cheap
We would sleep through the night our true love running deep

I love you so much, you must have broke the mold
There are no secrets between us no information sold
I would dream of us together, when our kids have grown old
But I wake up alone, shaking and cold

I look around the room but I don’t see your face
Only a crowd of strangers quiet and harsh in this place
Trying to see where I went wrong I begin to retrace
I feel the loss of something great I cannot replace

My hands are now shaking like they used to before
And I try to escape but I cant find the door
I cry cause it hurts but they force feed me more
I think your out in the crowd but I cannot be sure

I grasp onto the past but the memories fading
My life is forgotten your face is now shading
I have nothing to offer and its all about trading
Im the only one crying amidst all the parading

I miss my children and I miss you
I start to believe this reality is true
This new pain is remembered as nothing thats new
And I surrender to the wolves, nothing more I can do

I look around the room, one last time before I die
And I mourn the loss of my family, I begin to cry
I consider escape but don’t bother to try
But just before I am shredded I open my eyes

The light through my window is shining on me
And my life is right back to how it used to be
I realize what’s happened and I can now see
A world where you don’t care is my reality

A world in which I am still all alone
And you don’t even miss me enough to pick up the phone
A world where you have lied and never have shown
That you are the least bit capable of disarming your throne

A tear runs down my cheek cause I miss you
Every thing was a dream nothing good ever came true
You never cared though I tried to persuade you
And you have hurt me again but what else is new

I get up and force myself to go through the door
Another lifeless day just like the one before
I have had quite enough but there’s always more
Of the memories of you that torment for sure

I passed you on the street, you didn’t look but I stared
Something special in my heart I thought we had shared
You wear a false smile, there’s a new man with you there
And just for a second I pretend that you care

I call out your name in my head but you hear
You look right at me and are effected by my tears
Your heart bursts with a love that’s more that you can bear
I turn around and see you standing right there

I have so many memories that you and I share
And when all of this loneliness becomes too much to bear
I start to tell myself that you will be back how I wish you were here
So just for a second I pretend that you care

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