– Doesn’t Matter Anyway – By: Shawn D. Petrie (4-2-2000)

Doesn’t Matter Anyway
By: Shawn D. Petrie (4-2-2000)
ALONE-By yourself in this world,
is there any other way to be?
ILLUSION-A love you once had,
or maybe it was a dream.

GONE-Away from the light,
everyone will flee.
LIFE-The beginning of the end
is how it is presented to me.

TEARS-Fall on my shoulders
and mine alone.
LUST-No way to return to
or locate your home.

HATE-Something I feel,
just wont go away.
PAIN-Is what I am given
every single day.

TRUST-Who do you know,
who will want in.
MEN-Everything we do,
we all live in sin.

HELL-It is something that’s real,
we all live in it now.
GOD-Is he for real,
I cannot see how.

HOPE-When it is gone
there is no sense in living
RELATIONSHIPS-Should be a two way street,
I’m tired of giving

END-Yes it is time
to give up on me
UNHOLY-If you think that I am,
then I must be

MATTER-The reality of which
all things are made
STEEL-A cold reality,
slice of the blade

QUESTIONS-You ask me if I care,
do I love will I stay
REALITY-Nothing will last,
It doesn’t matter anyway

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