– BURNOUT – By: Shawn D. Petrie (6-20-2000)

By: Shawn D. Petrie (6-20-2000)
Lonely heart
I need someone to love
Crying eyes
Evacuate another to eventually move on

Broken dreams
I wanted them to last
Aching bones
Show me to the door, push me through once more

Tired arms
Played out and over applied
Emotion over exposed
Clinging to the one thing that subdues this anxiety

Worried minds
Reinforced with intent to harm
Buried alive
One more shovel full
and your mission will be complete

Shaky hands
You show me yours, ill show you mine
Little white lies
Amount to what cannot be
considered moral anymore

Heat on high
Giving off so much cold
Look me in the eyes
Tell me as you leave me
that I was nothing but a mistake

And I shall finally burn out for good

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