– April in December – By: Shawn D. Petrie (12-16-2006)

April in December
By: Shawn Petrie (12-16-2006)
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The ground is nearly frozen
As the days are growing shorter
The nights seem to last forever
Waiting for that special girl

A smile comes on my face
‘cause i know she’s out there somewhere
Waiting for someone like me
Feeling just the same

And it is so cold
And the air is so silent
Here with my thoughts
And this desire

My fingers point
And push the keys
Maybe this is where she’ll be
But the search is disappointing

Many looks but nothing real
Nothing worth my time
Nothing seems too hopeful, but
I continue searching

Then noticed all at once
I take a look around
I’m hoping that this person
Is as wonderful as they sound

So I make the first contact
And i wait and i see
If she is interested
Or will pass over me

She does not flee
She does not run
She writes to me
And now it has begun

And it is so wonderful
And i think of her all the time
And we have so much in common
That it seems somehow unreal

And she is smart
And she is mature
And she is sweet
And she is funny
And she is comforting
And she is into me
And she is so beautiful
And i cant take my eyes off her

And i hope she feels the same
And i hope that this is real
And I’m grateful that we’ve met
And now i am so excited

Honest words come out
I hear myself speak
I have never felt so compatible
And i mean it

And this is really cool
And i feel a rush of life
And i want to make her happy
And i want to be her man

And now i wait
For her to arrive
I have so many
Butterflies inside

I know when i see her
It will have made my day
She is the cherry
On the top of my cake


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