– I hate you but I need you – By: Shawn D. Petrie (1-25-2007)

I hate you but I need you
By: Shawn D. Petrie (1-25-2007)

Why were you put in my eye
To be the thing i could not ignore
To fill a space which i cannot feel
Or cannot find to fill on my own

Why were you made in the shape you were
This attraction confuses me and it makes me hurt
I want you, but i hate you
I hate you, but i need you

May we cry together
Would it mean anything at all
Will we hold each other close
For the moment you may care

Will it last for the night
Or will it last forever
So many questions but the answers
Are things that i can no longer trust in

The touch, the smile, the eyes
Hurting me as much as i eat them up
And how they fill this need
And how i feel so empty

When you are not with me
All i can do is cry
The need is too strong
And i do not want to be alive

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