– Break Up – By: Shawn D. Petrie (7-12-1999)

Break Up
By: Shawn D. Petrie (7-12-1999)

Why do you lie
And carry on with a sigh
Yes I am a guy
But you still made me cry

Why did you hurt
And say all of those lies
With how you just left me
I wish I would die

For once in my life
I loved someone else
But you put my heart
At arms length on your shelf

I think in your mind
Love will come and go
But I was never like that
But you didn’t want to know

I thought that you could love
Although you never spoke
And when the ending words finally came
I felt like I was choking

I feel bitter depression
You didn’t have the right
To play with my emotions
I guess you’ll just look for a new session

For gods sake do not do this
To any more unsuspecting men
I will see to it
That you do not do this again

All you want
You put into them
You do not love
And you never will


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