– Another Chance – By: Shawn D. Petrie (2-2-2007)

Another Chance
By: Shawn D. Petrie (2-2-2007)

Giving up on a recent hope
An idea that i could settle
Land on a new and happy place
Someone new to hold my hand

There were just too many things
Gone wrong and going wrong
Did i help create the chaos
Did she also to contribute

And the tears fell
And the heart was broken
The dreams pushed just a little further
From the plans of the parties

I did my best this time
I did not deceive
I could not go on
Without that feeling inside

Will i have another chance
Am is so in the wrong
And i such a bad person
Do i deserve what i ruined

I keep on trying
I keep on looking
Avery corner is cold and dark
Then i run into something on the way

With little hope that it will work
Already so many things don’t work
Needing to adjust my life
Needing to find a new wife

aug red barb photoshop file 2 copy


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