– After The Pain – By: Shawn D. Petrie (11-2-1995)

After The Pain
By: Shawn Petrie (11-2-1995)

Today I said I loved you
But you turned me from your door
That was something you promised me
You would never do, you swore

You lift me from the dark below
From the black that I reside
To put me in your comfortable place
And make me feel empty inside

And that final day I saw you
I just thought I’d die
Because all my forgotten love came back
And it hurt so bad I cried

But I hear that’s what you wanted
And I wanted to change to be
A man to be desired and loved
But you could never change for me

So as my mental pictures fade
Slip and crack away
I want you to know I’ll always love you
But never forgive the things you say

The future for me seems set
Although not very bright
You will never know the pain I feel
When I think of you at night

But I suppose it just wasn’t meant to be
I was just one of your flings
But I fall in love so easily
And that’s just one of my things

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