If you give a bunny a beer: A children’s book by Sam Miserendino

” If You Give A Bunny A Beer is a children’s book for parent’s who drink too much.  Written by Prince of Pieces author Sam Miserendino and illustrated by Mike Odum, it is a heartwarming, cautionary tale about the dangers of mixing alcohol and small mammals.” – Sam Miserendino


Sam Miserendino is responsible for the wildly creative masterpiece PRINCE OF PIECES.  I had the great fortune of meeting Sam at ROCK AND SHOCK October 2015 where he was promoting his new graphic novel Prince Of Pieces.  The concept was daring and imaginative and nothing short of true horror.  It fell in nicely with the atmosphere of the rock and shock horror community.  I spent a little time talking with Sam about his new book and he is one of the nicest people I have met thus far at any convention.  We stayed in touch over the next year until it came time for Rock And Shock 2016.  And true to form he showed up with another great installment in his arsenal. If you give a bunny a beer.  This being a friend of Sam and a fan of his work immediately sparked my interest.  I headed over to his booth and picked up my copy of the book which included a nice poster.  Sam signed my book and seeing Sam was definitely the highlight of my visit to Rock And Shock 2016.
A few days later I sat down to read his new book If you give a bunny a beer.  The book is very easy to read and understand as it is definitely presented in a “children’s book way”  I found the book to be very funny and also very touching.  I think what Sam has done here is great.  The book is executed flawlessly and the illustrations done by
Mike Odum are phenomenal.
If you give a bunny a beer is a cautionary tale indeed which is a must read.  I highly recommend you check out If you give a bunny a beer and also Prince Of Pieces.  You will not be disappointed.  You can get a copy of If you give a bunny a beer HERE.
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