Tips to Sell Your Music Online

Here’s all you need to know about selling your music online on your own.

Budding talent demands exposure to be able to thrive and needs a sound audience to transform into a celebrity.  However in a world where every other person is a self-proclaimed artist, writer, actor or musician, it might become quite daunting for the actually talented individuals to make their place and receive their due applause.

Specifically talking about the music industry that has now become primarily inclined towards commercialism, young and budding musicians and underground bands might find it hard to catch the interest of a record label to record and promote their work on the music sphere.

However, with the world now accessible at a mere click, the internet has made it convenient for the musicians to record, market and sell their music online and establish their own fandom on the cyber sphere. Here’s how you can sell your music online:

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Musicians marketing websites

Wondering where to post (and possibly sell) your music online?  Want to get your brand out there?
Here you will find an ever growing list of music submission websites and other places online to create profiles for your band / solo project and / or post your music for others to hear.  Some require special contact be made with the site owners while others allow for direct upload.

I have also included websites where you can post your bands images / logos to help build your online presence and some website creation sites to help you generate an image all your own.  Every little but helps.  I will update this list as I continue to find new sites.  If you have any that you feel should be added please mention them in the comments.



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