By: Shawn D. Petrie (11-13-1993)
I need a change from the pain
I experience each day
I wake up every morning
Feeling less than a man

I want life without death
And not have to worry which will be my last breath

To love someone as equally
As they love me
And a truth in this reality
That will not bury me

Truth is a lie, I have no more tears to cry
My life is a lie, I have no time to die
My games hand is folded, my mind is shot
In this world of pain and hurt I am lost

I want a system that is equal
That is truthful and all is the same
I want to do something with myself
That will let people recognize my name

How do I decide which decisions to make
How will I know which ones will be mistakes
The minutes tick by and cut my time short
In a world which I can describe in only one way,

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Come Home
By: Shawn D. Petrie (12-2-2006)
Every day that I spend without you
I tell myself that your just at work
And you’ll be home any time
So i leave the door unlocked, for you

When 5 o’clock rolls around and your not home
I start to panic and reach for the phone
I wonder where you could be, then i remember
That your not coming home

I left the empty spaces the way that they were
Where you had your things, before you left
Come home and fill those spaces with your love
With your heart

I never sleep on your side of the bed
Holding my pillow, crying for you
In the darkest places i look for you,
But your never there

All the things that we used to do, i can never do
you’ve changed the way i look at things
And i don’t want this anymore
If it isn’t with you

Who ever thought that i could feel such pain
It keeps on coming and multiplying
Every day that your away
I grow colder inside

The silence that you left behind
Is agonizing and so unreal
I just cant believe that you are gone
And I’m here alone

I love you more than anything or anyone
That ill ever meet or ever know
But the love i have is not returned
At least not anymore

I’m holding on but I’m losing hope
That you will call and change your mind
And keep the promise that we made that day
To stay together and love forever

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By: Shawn Petrie (4-16-2000)
Red Sky Wheat
I remember all the times, so hard did I try
I remember the pain and the tears I have cried
I remember the way you left me and all of the lies
And now in confusion I ask myself why

Why should I continue with these foolish dreams
Everyone out there is so cold and so mean
And not everyone has been through and see what I’ve seen
I wish I could start over and wipe the slate clean

Why should I go on feeling so much pain
I wait for the sunshine but all I feel is rain
Why should I work just to pay bills
And fuel a false happiness codependent on pills

Why should I venture out my front door
Why should I bother to try anymore
I have been dealt a bad hand for sure
I have the curse there is no cure

Why should I show to you someone who cares
I’ve tried that before the trust wasn’t there
I walked towards your heart the path was unclear
And now I am left alone with this fear

Why should I wake up, wake up at all
Why should I speak when I am so small
Why should I go back to her make myself crawl
I would forever be running down an infinite hall

Why should I maintain this life all alone
Why should I dismiss what I have been shown
Into the black hole my ability was thrown
And I’m back to square one, I should have known

Why should I pretend and wear a false smile
When inside I am suffering all of the while
I am knee deep in your bullshit, personality flaws and bile
I rethink my path put my self on trial

And when I get confused I remember my past
What has happened before, what will not last
You showed to me someone with no respect and no class
And I wonder how I couldn’t see through your mask

It blows my mind how you can be so cold
It makes me feel weak, tired and old
You weren’t even subtle but brutal and bold
And I need to dispose of this unbearable load

Why do I consider that you may come back
Why would I put myself back into the black
Back in your arms, is that the right track
In causing me pain you have a real knack

I consider these things but its time to forget
The only way to move on is to unload all regret
And look for someone better place a new bet
One with which the basic things will be set

Another into the pages, locked in that book
While you were leaving you didn’t turn to look
You would have seen that all that it took
Was for me to untangle myself and take out the hook

You felt the line loosen the slack knocked you down
I didn’t follow you out, did you look around
I didn’t even talk or even make a sound
You made yourself the fool, acted like a clown

So I can imagine how stupid you feel
You wont act on feelings anymore even if they are real
That was the last chance I gave you, the final meal
But you left in a hurry, sped, your rubber peeled

Forget it that’s enough goddamn when will I learn
I will meet some one perfect, its just not my turn
Believing this bullshit is the only way I will burn
And I will move on, the decision is in and the jury may now adjourn

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